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To compliment such delectable dishes we will devise the perfect selection of drinks for your event. Again, Shaziana does not work with standardised menus for drinks: following on from the inspired food menu we have created for you, we will turn our attention to your tailor-made drinks. As ever, our focus here will be upon excellent taste and elegant presentation – providing an impeccable catering service from the first cocktail to the last crumb of cake. Our superior standards and our passion dictate that every sip matters just as much as every mouthful.

Shaziana will employ its extensive experience to deliver beautifully crafted and fitting drinks for each stage of your event. First, use reception drinks or pre-dinner drinks to tantalise your guests and set the perfect tone for your occasion. Shaziana’s resident expert mixologist and highly trained bar staff will get your party started, going on to surprise your guests throughout your event. Whatever theme you have chosen, we will produce designer drinks to embellish this further, helping you to add your own signature style with custom-made cocktails and other themed drinks. Whether we are working our magic with cocktails, mocktails, fine wine, speciality teas or luxury coffees, our emphasis is upon pure quality.

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