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Dual Heritage

If you are planning a Dual Heritage Wedding, allow Shaziana to steer you through the delights and intricacies of this very special type of ceremony. Our prowess as Fusion caterers will be especially valuable to you. We make it our business to understand the rituals and traditions of global cultures, so that we can fulfil any Dual Heritage brief with faithfulness as well as creative flair. In this way we are able to guarantee that your wedding celebration will truly reflect both of you, each of your roots. From innovative décor to fusion food and drink, you will find your unique pairing is enshrined.

As Fusion Wedding caterers, Shaziana holds the delicate blending of cultures to be a highly specialised skill. We go to great lengths to ensure that the background of each partner is equally and accurately represented, just as we fuse these dual factors in sensitive fashion. As we create a highly original menu for you, you will find us to be masters of such fine balance; through tasting our food, your guests will again appreciate how yours is a rich marriage of two cultures.

Working in closest contact with you, from the earliest planning stages right through to the final production, we will make it our mission to do justice to the precious complexities of your very own cultural pairing.


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