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Tailored your perfect dress…why not your food design? Events as individualised as you.
Arranging a pre wedding party? We make ever menu tantalizingly personalized

Pre Wedding Party

Our wealth of experience makes us fully equipped to manage and bring magic to all manner of pre-wedding parties. If you would like to celebrate your Engagement with your family and friends in the finest style, it will be Shaziana’s privilege to facilitate this. If you are seeking a party planner to enliven your Sangeet Night, elevating this occasion to grand and joyful heights, you can rely upon Shaziana. If you wish your Henna Party to be truly special, or for your Mehendi Party to be the perfect platform for bringing your loved ones together, Shaziana will undertake to do this for you.

Shaziana will treat your pre-wedding party with such care and attention as to equal the depth of consideration and professionalism we will apply to your actual wedding. We understand wholeheartedly that your pre-wedding event will hold just as much importance to you, and we will engineer this with total passion.

As soon as you entrust your Engagement Party, Sangeet Night or Mehendi Party to us, you will feel reassured by our consistent and genuine level of commitment. Our speciality is to exceed the expectations of our clients, and this is an attribute we continue to be recognised for. Our party planning service is tailored entirely towards your requirements: our priority is to express your personalities and to pleasure your palates. Like this, your guests will partake in the joy of your union in a rare and remarkable way.

Perhaps you are seeking an Engagement Party to reflect the tone you will ultimately set with your Wedding Day, or you would like for your Sangeet Night to allow your relatives to mingle in an atmosphere that is warm and relaxed. By cleverly combining food, drink and décor, Shaziana will create the exact ambiance you desire for your pre-wedding event.


Once you have submitted your requirements to us, we will not delay in answering you with a fair and accurate quote.

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