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With our fresh ideas, impeccable standards and invaluable experience, Shaziana will steer you towards the Wedding Day of which you have been dreaming. It is with weddings that Shaziana’s philosophy of uniqueness shines the most brightly – special days are our veritable speciality. Adhering to the distinct ethos whereby we offer a fully personalised wedding planning and wedding catering service, we begin upon a fresh page for each new couple we work with. We will craft your Wedding Day with care and creativity.

And in our care, not one aspect of your wedding will be left to chance. We also pledge to keep you intimately informed throughout a creative process which will begin with an in-depth consultation. Should your preferences change along the way, we will not hesitate to accommodate your renewed wishes. With our full attention and under our expert guidance, you and your partner will enjoy every stage of the experience, ultimately arriving at the most suitable and splendid combination of menu, venue and ambiance. It is a matter of pride to us that each and every element works harmoniously: this is how we ensure your Wedding Day will be flawless; truly unforgettable.

Shaziana is fortunate to have been the wedding caterer for couples of a whole host of religions and regions. For instance, while are held in great esteem as Asian Wedding caterers, we are also known for our impeccable African Wedding catering, because our knowledge of and respect for cultural distinctions form the basis of how we work with every couple.

We manage and cater for Sikh Weddings, ensuring that every Anand Karaj is celebrated in majestic style. For Hindu Weddings, we recall the magic which unfolds under the mandap by way of exquisite food and splendid venue enhancements. For Muslim Weddings, we create impressive walimah banquets to befit Nikah. We are equally sensitive to the various traditions of Christian Weddings; Shaziana is equipped to work with couples of any faith.

Shaziana’s culturally sensitive approach as wedding caterers and wedding planners means we are also alive to distinct regional requirements. Exploiting our awareness of the specific ingredients, flavours and culinary quirks of global regions, we take great care to get the food, drink and finishing touches we put our name to precisely right. Combining our resources and our talent, we excel as Asian Wedding caterers and as Indian Wedding caterers, yet we are also in our element when catering for Middle Eastern ceremonies; from Iraqi Weddings to Persian Weddings and Lebanese Weddings. Further, when catering at African Weddings we apply regional touches to dishes to delight guests of Nigerian, Ghanaian or Zimbabwean origin. Alternatively, Shaziana can produce stunning banquets for Caribbean Weddings, or indeed combine religious and regional elements to cater for Fusion Weddings.

The incredible power of food to establish a special sense of occasion, to recall precious memories, to muster certain moods and, overall, to unite people, forms the very basis of our wedding catering. With both sensitivity and imagination, the Wedding Day menu we produce for you will encompass all of your chosen factors: from religious to regional and cultural to sentimental. Allow us to realise your very own vision from the venue right through to the food.


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